BlueMedix Eco-friendly Store - Our Tribute to Nature

BlueMedix Eco-friendly Store - Our Tribute to Nature

May 18, 2022

We hear the phrase "Sustainability" a lot in our daily lives, but we don't always grasp what it means. The true definition of sustainability is coexisting with nature in our daily activities while being kind to it. It is a step that we must take to ensure that both humans and nature have a future.

In response to this, Bluemedix has come up with its first sustainable eco-friendly Bluemedix store in Gandhi Maidan. This Eco-friendly Store is made out of waste wood & iron with excellent craftsmanship and innovative Workmanship

BlueMedix is no longer an idea or a thought process, it has evolved into a tribe, with BlueMedix's concept and family dispersed throughout Bihar. Bluemedix’s 57th store has opened in an iconic location in the state’s capital, Gandhi Maidan, for the simple reason that Gandhi Maidan has a notable heritage and is mentioned in Bihar's history. Also, Gandhi Maidan houses the biggest bronze statue of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation. BlueMedix were inspired by this though and therefore they knew that this store had to be a homage to Mahatma Gandhi and the people of Patna. Let’s learn how this 57th BlueMedix store was unique and distinct from any other store of its generation.

BlueMedix opened its first eco-friendly store on Earth Day. Before opening the store, a thorough thought process and brainstorming were conducted. This store had to be a tribute to nature and follow the recycling-reuse philosophy because it opened on World Earth Day.

As a result, instead of using fresh woods, this store was constructed using fruit waste boxes as racks and countertops. Apart from being environmentally friendly and paying attention to the history of the area, this store was also committed to its mission.

For the people of Bihar, this means accessibility, affordability, and availability. Where every citizen of Bihar has better access to genuine medicines at reasonable prices

The primary motivation for establishing an environmentally friendly store is to help the environment.

It is a choice to be sustainable, not an option!!

And Bluemedix chose to be sustainable. The main motivation for opening an eco-friendly store was to move beyond the mindset of opening a store for personal gain.

Why build anything at the cost of nature?

Thus keeping in mind that the store should not only provide life-saving medicines but also a clear message to the generations to come that a simple effort will bring a huge change and inspiration that will not only benefit the people but also our surrounding environment.

The following are the main features of the store that set it apart from other retail layouts:

Materials- Wooden Scrap- Leftover waste woods from packaging boxes were used, which were purchased from a trash store and were readily available because they were unused and a waste of wood. This scrap work was turned into beautiful racks and counters by the Bluemedix team, who seasoned and polished it to protect it from termites and make it last longer.

The factor of socio economics: Apart from adhering to the environmentally friendly - recycle and reuse concept, BlueMedix has also contributed to the socio-economic factor by providing opportunities to unskilled labourers who were previously unemployed, thereby generating employment opportunities. These workers contributed to bringing the eco-friendly idea into existence. These unskilled workers were brought from the village by the team of BlueMedix to help in making up the store thereby giving these unskilled workers a chance of employment and a way of income.

The 57th Eco-friendly store's simplicity and magic are unrivaled, as the entire store was built with scraps and 30 unskilled workers. BlueMedix intends to open more of these types of stores in the future. IMA National President Dr. Sahajanand Prasad Singh presided over the Grand Opening of BlueMedix's first environmentally friendly store, saying, "मुझे BlueMedix की कर्म-कौशलता पे अपार विश्वास है"

These beliefs and trust motivate BlueMedix to push boundaries and exceed the expectations put on it to be the best version.

Come visit this Eco-friendly store and avail a flat 20% discount.