The Most Reliable and Reasonable Diagnostic Lab in Bihar – BlueMedix

The Most Reliable and Reasonable Diagnostic Lab in Bihar – BlueMedix

Jul 28, 2022

Healthy living requires a regular check on the functioning of your body, making nearby diagnostic labs a necessity. Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of its importance and only resort to health checks as and when prescribed by a physician. To add to the lack of awareness, another factor that can make one skeptical of checkups are the exorbitant prices of diagnostic labs. To aid in this situation, BlueMedix has introduced BlueMedix Diagnostic Labs, equipped with a vast range of Tests, Health Checkups, and Full Body Checkups for the best healthcare in Bihar.

What makes BlueMedix Labs different?

At BlueMedix, we started our journey with a vision to make optimum healthcare in Bihar affordable and accessible to the last mile. With BlueMedix Labs, we have taken another leap to make that possible. The primary goal of BlueMedix Labs is to overcome the fear and hesitation in people when it comes to health checks. Hence, we have assembled a range of Health Care packages at extremely reasonable prices.

Facilitating affordable health care in Bihar enables and encourages you to opt for regular healthcare. Our Health Care packages include,

  • Master Health Checkup – A checkup comprising 65 tests including Diabetes, Kidney, Liver profile, Thyroid, Muscle, bone, and many more.

  • Health Care Screen 1 – A pack of 26 tests including Diabetes, Lipid Profile, Thyroid, Kidney, and more.

  • Health Care Screen 2 – This package includes Sugar (F), Lipid Profile, Thyroid, KFT, LFT, and CBC.

  • Health Care Screen 3 – This includes HbA1c, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin D along with everything in HC Screen 2.

  • Health Care Screen 4 – A set of 32 tests including General Health, Diabetes, Lipid Profile, Thyroid, Liver & Kidney.

  • Health Care Screen 5 – A pack of 35 tests including Bone, Fatigue, and all other tests mentioned above.

Why should you trust BlueMedix Labs?

With respect to the collection of samples, use of sterilized apparatus, authentic and well-equipped labs, and genuine and timely reports, commoners are often unsure and lack trust in diagnostic labs. Apart from the existence of unauthorized labs, delayed reports, incompetent lab equipment, and more, there have been numerous instances of faulty tests due to irresponsible collection and handling of test samples, leading to improper diagnosis and treatment for patients. Hence, your concern regarding lab tests is justified.

BlueMedix Labs takes care of all your concerns with its thorough measures to provide you with the best medical healthcare. Our labs are equipped with advanced and authentic testing equipment, handled by experienced and skilled professionals. BlueMedix Labs, being the most trusted diagnostic in Bihar, facilitates you with safe and hygienic sample collection from home by highly-trained staff. We ensure that you receive timely reports that are verified by trusted physicians, making sure to eliminate any flaws. If flawed, we re-perform the tests for accurate results at no extra cost to you.

We hope that the quality of services and facilities that BlueMedix Labs provides helps you regain your trust in our diagnostic lab and encourages you to undergo regular health checks.

To make your every experience with us even better, BlueMedix Labs gives you (10% to 20%) discount on all tests.

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