Top 5 Medicine Home Delivery Brands in Bihar

Top 5 Medicine Home Delivery Brands in Bihar

Jul 18, 2022

The elevating pace of how the world functions, demands faster and more promising delivery services that meet our daily needs. Thanks to the internet, the world is now closely knit for the availability of necessities, especially home delivery of medicines in Bihar. Medicines are inevitably one of the most important resources and need dependable sources for timely delivery.

To narrow down your choices and make it easy, here is a list of the 5 most relied upon healthcare products and medical home delivery app.

If your concern is how to get medicines delivered at home, BlueMedix is the choice. Being one of the most trusted and fastest-growing online medicine delivery in Bihar, BlueMedix’s medicine delivery service is a must-try.

Established in 2017, BlueMedix made a strong stand against the spread of fake medicines in Bihar and has successfully established 70+ medical stores in Bihar. The goal of BlueMedix is to make the best quality and affordable medicines accessible for everyone regardless of locality. BlueMedix has a variety of medicine stores in and around Bihar (some even ecologically conscious). Based on the area, Bluemedix follows a systematic authentication and delivery pipeline to ensure that you get 100% genuine medicines.

BlueMedix envisions a healthy and dependable medicine supply industry along with economic growth for everyone. To achieve the same, BlueMedix also provides franchise options and a skill development platform through the BlueMedix Academy of Skills that trains the youth with professional medical skill sets.

BlueMedix stocks more than 55,000 medicines and other healthcare products, making all the needful available to you at all times. The excellent delivery service of BlueMedix ensures that you receive all your medicines delivered to you in the shortest span of time. The online platform and application of BlueMedix ensure the privacy and safety of customer data.

  • More than 55,000 medicines
  • Shop directly from the vast database of BlueMedix
  • Availability of all prescription medicines
  • Free Home Delivery on every order
  • Flat 20% discount on all orders
  • Medicine 4 hours delivery across Patna
  • 100% genuine medicines delivered to the remotest areas
  • Notification updates on special offers
  • One-click order refill

Another reliable platform for medicines delivery is the MedPlus Mart. It is a popularly known medicines delivery platform across the nation. The platform provides various features for its customers like keeping health records, medicine reminders, medicinal side effects, and more.

  • MedPlus reward points
  • 25% off on first order

Sasta sundar’s medicine delivery platform is serving customers for over 9 years now. SastaSundar has credible goodwill. Apart from delivering medicines, the platform also presents articles relevant to your needs.

  • Zero membership charges
  • 20% off on first order
  • Free home delivery​​​​​​​

Another supplier of genuine medicine, Truemeds is a reliable medicine delivery platform. Truemeds supplies medicines from 50 authentic medicine manufacturers to ensure quality.

  • Free first-time consultation
  • Up to 72% off on first order

Apart from being a medicine delivery platform, Phable is also designed as a healthcare companion for users. It tracks the symptoms and fitness levels of users to keep a check on their wellbeing.

  • 20% off on first order

Wish you a convenient and healthy medicinal delivery experience that you can lend your faith in. We hope that you make a wise choice while shopping for medicines to ensure quality and value in every purchase.